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07 Jun 2005

Debian "Sarge" 3.1

After a very long wait the Debian project has finally released the all new version of Debian. After years of testing "Sarge" is now the stable version of Debian. Hurrah!

Like many people I have been running "Sarge" for a while now as the testing system. Now it's the stable version it will get all the security patches quickly, and there will be no further architectural changes.

Apple's Suicide

Yesterday Apple announced their suicide plans. Freescale (Motorola) can't make PowerPC processors that are fast enough and IBM can't make them cool enough, so Apple have decided to switch to the Intel x86 processor family.

Intel x86 processors are an antique design, that Intel have patched up and hot rodded enough so that they work. Technically they are a step backwards from the PowerPC. However Intel have a lot of marketing money and Apple need something in the important notebook sector where neither Freescale or IBM can or will deliver.

In the short term it will destroy sales of PowerPC based systems. I had considered a PowerBook, but now it's not an option. In the medium turn it will hurt as they transition to a different architecture and all the tiny Apple ISVs have to support their Apple products on two processor families. Ultimately it will break the company, the question is whether they can rise like a phoenix from the ashes?