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11 Jul 2005

Debian For Real People

I've now got my better half migrating from MS Windows 98 to Debian Sarge. It was easy to copy her email from Eudora to Thunderbird, and her Firefox bookmarks.

A few things are strange yet, but I'm sure she'll be able to get the hang of it quickly enough, Debian/KDE is a lot more modern and feature rich than Windows 98.

I set my system up first as Debian Etch, and then copied what I did for her, so it's been pretty painless, certainly easier than installing and configuring Windows 98/NT/2K. I've got one small kdm oddity yet, but I'll fix that soon enough.

Initial Meeting

I've scheduled the first meeting of the "Overton Parish Linux Society" for this Tuesday 12 July at 7:30pm in my garden (weather permitting). Looks like virtually no one is going to be free, but if I don't invite people then no one will come at all.

Summer is a bad time to start anything with holidays and such like, so you could consider this a soft launch for autumn...