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14 Jul 2005

linux not ready for the desktop

In his recent weblog, Firefox developer Asa Dotzler describes why he thinks that Linux is not ready for wide scale deployment on the desktop. He makes many valid points, which I have to agree with, but I think much of his criticism also applies to Windows which is in many cases poorer than Linux.

However he is write in very important respect, if people are migrating then Linux has to be significantly better and have robust automated migration tools. Firefox and the Mozilla browser are both significantly better than Microsoft's IE, but Mozilla was too complex and buggy to start with to gain much market share. Firefox fixed a handful of bugs but came in a much simpler package, and automatically imported your old Netscape or IE settings seemlessly. Firefox is the Mozilla success story not the original Mozilla browser.

In essence if you have nothing then no one in their right mind would pick Windows, but if everyone around you is using it, and all your old data is on Windows, then it's a hard sell to use Linux - even if it's better. Linux doesn't have to be better, it has to be a lot better.