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16 Jul 2005

Eudora on Linux

I've used many email clients over the years, some I liked a lot, some not much at all.

On DOS/Novell I was partial to Pegasus Mail. I never got on with it's the Windows version, but it's free and a worth while option.

On Windows I found Eudora to be my clear favourite. It's closed source and even comes in an adware version, but I do like it. It also has a reputation for being buggy, and having a strange interface, but I still like it.

Outlook and Outlook-look-a-likes such as Thunderbird and Evolution I hate. I'm forced to use Outlook at work, and I utterly loath it. At home on my Linux box I use Thunderbird as my GUI email client, and while it is better than Outlook, I still don't like it that much.

In the Unix and Linux world I grew up on elm, then pine and I currently use mutt. While GUI mail clients are much fancier, there is still a place for text mode email, and I do really like mutt, it's so fast and simple.

Today I discovered that Eudora is formally being ported to Linux. No beta release yet, but certainally good news.