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18 Jul 2005

One Click or Two?

At the moment my better-half is upgrading from a Windows 98 system to a Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 system. She currently finds the "single-click=activate" behaviour most frustrating after spending many years in the windows world of "single-click=select" and "double-click=activate".

My father, new to computing found the default "single-click" behaviour of KDE much easier to live with, having never had to learn to double click. I've been using X on Unix, and KDE on Linux for some time, so I've gradually lost the "Windows" desire to double click things.

I think that the single click behaviour is actually the better solution, however it's a hard sell to someone with many years of Windows experience. While you can downgrade KDE to behave like Windows, and even upgrade Windows to be more KDE like, it's not the default, or common.