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19 Jul 2005

Planet Penguin Racer (a.k.a. Tux racer)

I tried PPRacer today, my previous PC was way to slow to bother with this iconic Linux game. I think it ranks up with Frozen Bubble in the quality and addictivness stakes.

MP3 Back Again...

Today amaroK/GStreamer/ALSA was quit happy to play MP3 files. Yesterday's refusal must have just been a bad hair day in codec land.

Future Linux Desktop

In this recent series* of articles on a future Linux distribution "I'm Batman" make some very insightful observations. He also misses some essential points.

I think some of the problems addressed are also present in Windows and Macintosh OS X, and Linux/Unix is no better or worse in respect to many short comings in the GUI.

I also think some of the observations are also misguided. Computers are complex multi-user, network aware systems, even the average home system is now quite complex. This does make system management complex, but attempts to "dumb it down", for example as Windows does helps to explain the very high level of malware afflicting Windows systems.

I strongly recommend anyone with an interest in the future of Linux on the desktop to read these articles and the various comments and follow-ups.

* The Linux Desktop Distribution of the Future:

I Want My MP3 (back)

Yesterday I wanted to listen to a Linux show podcast. Normally I choose Ogg format files and I always rip my own CDs to Ogg but the show was in olde world MP3 only. To my horror amaroK informed me that GStreamer-ALSA couldn't decode MP3. It use to decode MP3s okay, I suppose something was removed or broke in the most recent upgrade...