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22 Jul 2005

SAPAPP8 is Born

Today another Linux baby was born. I set Red Hat Enterprise up on a rather noisy HP server at work. We use Linux to run our SAP Application Servers. In the processes we ripped out a very old and decrepit Compaq box that use to run Windows. We don't have enough space in the server room.

Windows Vista

Microsoft apparently named their new version of Windows today. The version of Windows codenamed "Longhorn" scheduled to replaced Windows XP in mid 2005, is going to be called Windows Vista. Given that it's at least 12 months late to market, Vista is a good name for product still so far in the future.

As far as anyone can tell, all the fancy new features that everyone expected aren't actually going to appear in this version of Windows, they will follow in future versions. The only clear facts to emerge is that it will need even more resources than the already bloated Windows XP.

The next 12-18 months is a golden window for Macintosh and Linux to get a toe hold in the lucrative Windows desktop monopoly. The current sovereign continues to get even more antiquated and infected with malware, and the heir apparent is still way to immature.