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25 Jul 2005

The Verdict is in...Some Windows Users Are Idiots

helios in this somewhat provocative article claims that some Windows users are idiots.

It is true that Microsoft has convinced a lot of people that computers are easy to maintain. While they are now relatively easy to use, they are not easy to maintain, Windows computers being the worst of all. A lot of unskilled people buy computers, expecting them to work like toasters, and are not prepared to learn even the most rudimentary system administration skills. The result is that their machine becomes horribly infected, and for some it's cheaper to buy a new one that bother to fix it.

The article is very acidic about Windows users, and while I know smug Unix gurus who hold the same view about Windows and Linux users, it's not fair on most users. While there are always some lazy people unwilling to learn or think, most are merely ignorant of the facts. They happily accept overpriced computers, badly configured software, and the great Microsoft lie "it's easy".

Getting people to switch to a civilised Unix operating system, e.g. Linux, Mac OSX, or BSD, isn't helped by calling people idiots