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10 Aug 2005

DCC Alliance

The DCC Alliance has formally arrived. It is a collection of Linux distributors and experts that based their distribution on the Debian project's GNU/Linux.

By agreeing a core sub-set of key packages from the vast pool in the Debian project, and a standard system layout/configuration, they can guarantee software compatibility across distributions. Software vendors need only tests against the "DCC", and be confident that their software will then run on a wide range of "DCC" Debian systems.

There are several key players in the DCC Alliance, but alas some major players such as Canonical/ubuntu are still missing. Even so it represents a major step in helping Debian into more enterprise roles.

Linux and Perl spotted in Brittany

I've recent returned from a cycling and camping holiday in Brittany France. While buying provisions in a small local supermarket I was surprised to spot a French GNU/Linux magazine nestling on a shelf of Windows magazines. A quick flick through even revealed a Perl article by the Paris Moungueurs.