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11 Aug 2005

Supermarket Plastic Bags

I've just returned from my summer holiday in Breizh (Brittany, France). It was interesting to note that the supermarkets now no longer give out plastic bags, you can buy a bag or have an old packaging box, but the days of the free plastic bag are no more.

Sadly this is not the case in the UK, my locally Sainsbury's still try to "scan'n'pack" my meager shopping, badly into a zillion plastic bags. It's a constant struggle to get them to not do this and let me pack my own shopping, in my own bag. If I let them pack, the soft stuff goes to the bottom, the heavy stuff on top, and any meat invariably goes on top of something you don't cook - such as salad.

Kaella/Debian for French Students

According to ZD Net UK French students are to be given open source software on CDs, including a Debian/Knoppix based live CD from the Kaella project.