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21 Aug 2005

Windows Users are Masochists

An interesting article by John Naughton in the Observer/Guardian: "The worm that didn't turn up". He has a point, any one still using Windows after being told time, and time again that there are superior alternatives, must be a masochist.

Setting up CUPS Again

I tried to set up CUPS on my Debian 3.1 "Sarge" server once, it refused to work with the USB interface to my Epson printer, so I gave up and installed the BSD line printer daemon instead. When I set up my new Debian "Etch" workstation I tried CUPS again, this time it worked perfectly via the parallel interface.

Today I tried to configure a second Debian "Sarge" system to print using CUPS and USB. This time it worked okay but nothing came out of the printer. I fiddled around, quite frustrated, checking permissions and Googling for the error message. Then I tried turning up the CUPS error logging, from "info" to "debug". Magically I saw that it was missing a postscript component, which was quickly installed by APT and now it seems to work perfectly.

Windows users usually smile a little smug smile at this point. I must confess that I've often found Windows integrated or monolithic design to be more incompatible with it's self than Unix's modular design.