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28 Aug 2005

South West Trains...!

Yesterday we went for a bike ride in the New Forest. Being environmentally friendly we used public transport to get there. Carrying a bike is quite restricted on South West Trains, so when I bought my tickets, I also got reservations for the bikes on every train we were going to use.

Suffice to say we got half way there, and a train arrived, that was full. Even though we had reservations for the train, they hadn't bothered to tell the guard, so the train was full of bikes. Even though we showed him our reservations, he refused to throw the unreserved bikes off and put ours on...

Logical Volume Management

Today I installed Debian on my old desktop system. It's far too low powered to be used as a desktop system anymore, so it's become a "sandbox" system. My main aim was to try out LVM, which turned out to be very easy to setup from within the di. The box has two only small disks, so it's useful to join them together into a single logical volume.

After the install, I upgraded the box from "Sarge" to "Sid". My main desktop system is running "Etch", but it's nice to have a sandbox system living on the bleeding edge, so I know whats in the pipeline for the Etch box.