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01 Sep 2005

Five Mistakes GNU/Linux Neophytes Make

There is an interesting article by Jem Matzan on called Five mistakes GNU/Linux neophytes make. It's quite interesting, and makes some valid points.

I have to disagree with the first point, "Distro Choice". Jem suggests five starting Linux Distros to use: SUSE; Linspire; Xandros; Fedora Core or Mandriva. The most important factor in choosing your initial distro, is help, if you can get help form a friend or colleague with distro "X", then that's the one you should have a look at first, even if it's not that new user friendly.

Many people have posted to the list suggesting all kinds of other distros, but to he honest, most of these posts miss the same point, it doesn't matter which distro you pick, it matters what help you can get.

I stand by my article The Best Linux Distribution For Users New To Linux, help is really critical to get you going.