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10 Sep 2005

SAP Support Packs

Today I started to load the Support Packs into the SAP system at work. As it's a Saturday and I don't want to spend all day at work watching it load the packs I'm doing it from home.

Work provide a MS Windows XP notebook computer, which connects to the work network via VPN tool running over the public Internet. Using XP is painful, it's so slow to do anything, I almost feel sorry for it, paint dries faster than this machine can do anything.

To be able to do anything vaguely productive, I SSH from the work's notebook machine to my desktop system, creating a SSH tunnel, then use KRemote Desktop and VNC to run my work desktop system over the SSH tunnel and VPN link.

It's all horribly convoluted, but the less I have to deal with Windows XP, the easier everything is. Anyway one system was upgraded okay today, tomorrow I'll do the other one.