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15 Sep 2005

Am I a Unix Bigot?

Yesterday we had a meeting at work, and some top web consultant said that we are going to use a Microsoft product for enterprise web content management. I could not control my self and blurted out a laugh in front of senior management. When challenged, I had to state is as polite as terms as possible, that Microsoft products while fine desktop client systems, are not enterprise class, and do not make good server platforms.

Our corporate server web server runs on Windows 2003 and use IIS. According to Netcraft it has a maximum uptime of 6 days. Our division's web server is Apache running on Linux, it has an uptime of 438 days (as of today). Since going live over two years ago, our server has been rebooted once to apply a kernel and SSL/SSH patch and once to apply another fix...

Windows is just an expensive toy...