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It's Not Magic, It's Work!

27 Sep 2005

Failure To Execute

This week has seen Microsoft and Google celebrate their birthdays. Both firms are phenomenally wealthy, and have made their founders richer than most people could imagine.

What is particularly interesting is Microsoft's abysmal technical track record, which is not reflected in their vast fortune. The company has constantly failed to anticipate changes in technology, innovate anything of merit, or actually execute and deliver anything on time. It has however benefited from fragmented corporate enemies, the gift by IBM of the PC operating system monopoly, and relentless aggressive & illegal business practices.

It's new version of Windows - Vista - is already 2 years late, and missing most of it's features. In the past Microsoft has been able to survive it's failure to deliver, but this time GNU/Linux is quietly waiting in the wings. When Microsoft trips this time, it won't be it's weak and divided enemies that allow it to escape, this time it could be the coup de grāce.