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It's Not Magic, It's Work!

29 Sep 2005

SAP Application Server

We have changed our SAP DB at work. It was IBM's Informix, then it was to be IBM's DB/2, now it's to be Oracle. Rather than chop and change, we are actually going to upgrade our current Informix system, and then wait an see regarding Oracle.

The up shot of all this, is that I have to rebuild the Linux application servers from scratch. They run Red Hat Enterprise, so it's pretty easy to do, it's just cold standing in the server room during the initial stages.

Windows XP Not Ready For The Desktop

Yesterday I tried to set up a Microsoft Windows XP system for a friend. I was amazed at the shear volume of updates required, and the number of reboots necessary to get the machine close to current specification.

Things were not helped by the constant nagging from MSN and other annoying programs all set to run be default, that he has no interest in. I've now turned off most of the eye candy, and removed things from the startup folder, but it's still painfully slow to use, and I still need to hunt down and destroy MSN.

It will probably take another 3 or 4 hours to strip the machine down, and set it up in a half way usable condition. It's quite scary that this machine was apparently "set-up" by the vendor and ready for use.

I know that Linux/Unix has it's problems on the desktop, but it's considerably more user friendly than Windows XP, and unlike Windows it's getting better day by day.