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04 Oct 2005

Penny Stocks

I get quite a few emails per hour advertising penny stocks. I never pay any attention to spam, but now and then I think about them for a few seconds before purging my spam box.

In the UK all stocks are quoted in pennies, so it's not £3.50 a share, rather 350p. I assume that the spam is some US thing where they trade in dollars not cents, so a penny stock is something very cheap, and under a whole dollar.

In the same vein I always find it funny to receive "lose 10 pounds" emails. To me, a pound is a monetary unit, which is exactly what you lose if you send them any money. Weights are measured in kilos.

Spam evidently isn't internationalised yet, though phising scams are.


My father visited us this weekend and left us a 3D jigsaw puzzle. It just had to be done and now I'm not quite 100% awake.