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09 Oct 2005

Web Browsers

There has been a lot of activity on the browser front of late. Not only have Opera released new versions, now at version 8.5, they have also removed the advertising banners from the product. It's still a closed source browser but it's very good. Now I have it running in Debian Etch AMD64, I'm a lot happier.

Mozilla Firefox continues to grow, and though there have been some problems* it continues a pace. Soon there will have been over 100 million downloads and the new 1.5 version is now in beta testing. Even the old Mozilla suite is also undergoing some work by a group of keen volunteers.

Now that the Apple Safari and KDE Knoqueror spat is I hope over, the khtml engine will continue to improve. The next version of Knoqueror will apparently have some decent anti-advert tools built it - something sorely missing from the current version.

Apparently even the dinosaur of browsers, Microsoft's Internet Explorer may even get better - it could hardly get any worse. Alas only those running the new version of Windows due Q4 2006 will get the new version. However if you are unlucky enough to be running Windows you can always use Firefox or Opera.

* All software has bugs, even well written programs. You should always keep your system up to date whatever you run!