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04 Dec 2005

Web Browsers


The last few week have been very active on the web browser front. First Opera gave away free keys for their birthday, then shortly after they gave Opera away with the adverts permanently removed. Anecdotal evidence suggests that since they removed the adverts downloads have increased.

Get Firefox

The Mozilla Foundation continue to march onwards and a shiny new version of Firefox arrived. This new version is full of bug fixes, usability tweaks and quite a few internal upgrades. The new version now includes support for SVG, which should be a boon for web developers.


The Konqueror browser come file manager has also evolved. Thanks to input from Apple, "khtml" the core rendering engine of Konqueror has been significantly upgraded and now passes the ACID2 test.

During this busy time Microsoft hasn't rusted on their laurels. IE6 now has a new security defect so severe that Secunia had to create a new category for it: "Extremely Critical".

Russet Apple Juice

Hill Farm Orchards

Yesterday we had friends round for dinner. They brought some very yummy local Russet Apple juice round: Hill Farm Juice.

The stuff is so good I am going to buy a few cases.