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It's Not Magic, It's Work!

22 Dec 2005


A friend in the village was given a new computer earlier this year. Alas it is running Windows XP which he had never used and I have little experience with. I offered to update it as I have broadband and did my best to set it up. After many-many reboots and many hours of downloading over a 2MBit pipe I gave it back fully patched and configured.

The built-in modem refused to work and after several goes, even from a Linux live disk we gave up concluding it was duff. Another friend gave his modem and this week we tried to use that. It worked perfectly when we tried it earlier this week, but today it was less than happy. Windows XP really is a pain when it comes to hardware - it is defiantly much less reliable and predictable than Linux or Mac.

After a few minuets of "phone support" support tonight he is back online. I only hope the world of 56Kbps isn't too slow and frustrating.