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25 Dec 2005

Temporary Image Persistence

When I got my new PCs this year I bought them with Iiyama ProLite E435S TFT LCD. After a few months one of them started to develop Temporary Image Persistence (TIP), it gradually got worse and though it's not permanent it take longer to get rid of the problem than it takes for it to reoccur.

Iiyama replaced the unit under warranty a few months ago and the replacement has been fine. The second unit is showing some TIP but much less than the first and it's mild enough to clear up on it's own naturally.

It's over a year since I thought about monitors, but I still think CRT have the edge on the price and performance scales over TFT. Even CRTs are even smaller and lighter than before. CRT displays days are numbered but for the moment they are still the best option.