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08 Jan 2006

AIX Training (Day 0)

Tomorrow I'm off on an IBM AIX Unix training course. It's a while since my last training course and I'm looking forward to this one more than the SAP one.

We use an antique version of AIX at work and I'm hoping to learn what a newer version is capable off. I'm not expecting the sophisticated user interface available to modern Linux systems - which are on the whole far more advanced - rather the sophisticated enterprise features of a mature product on highly specialised hardware.


Yesterday I picked up this months Linux User & Developer. The cover disk had DSL on - already obsolete, but more interestingly 9 albums from Linux friendly record label Magnatune. In the magazine was an interesting interview with the owner of Magnatune and an explanation of his "no evil" business philosophy.

Given the recent fiasco of the DRM disks issued by SonyBMG that contained both a destructive root-kit and stolen open source code - which SonyBMG fought so hard to ban, it is nice to read an interview from someone in the music business that does have a clue.