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12 Jan 2006

AIX Training (Day 4)

Today was the last full day of training. Finally I had a less than ideal commute- with delays on the way home - but in the scheme of things not too bad.

I think IBM's LVM technology is starting to sink in. I still think some of the commands are oddly named - bit I am getting the hang of them now. As long as you install all the right (GNU) extra bits, AIX is actually a nice if unique Unix. Like my Red Hat training a year ago - familiarity with a product does make it more likable.

I even helped to fix a bug in my instructor's web site: Tuxaco. If you view the site with a modern standard compliant browser you'll see the footer navigation isn't in the correct place. Only with a broken antique like IE6 does the site look correct. It's tiny fix and by now it could have even been implemented.