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It's Not Magic, It's Work!

20 Jan 2006

Security Sweep for Open Source

The US Department For Homeland Security is paying security specialist firm Coverity to check a wide range of popular open source software for possible security flaws. The project, an extension of similar work, will take in key open source projects: Apache, BIND, Firefox, FreeBSD/OpenBSD, Linux, OpenSSL/SSH along with many more.

It's a shame that open source projects can't do this kind of work on their own, or their rich backers such as IBM, HP or Intel. However the US government is for once taking a sensible public stand and it is in everyone interest that bugs are detected and resolved before they can be exploited.

Save Money with Linux

ZDnet is reporting yet another story about a public sector body making considerable saving by switching to open source software instead of proprietary software: UK school showcases Linux suite. While open source and Linux may not be right for everyone, anyone who does not even consider open source faces a potentially expensive and insecure future...

Firefox Over 20% of EU Market Share

According to XiTi Mozilla's Firefox browser now has on average over 20% of the browser market share in Europe, ranging from 9.5% for the Ukraine to 38% for Finland. As usual the UK is languishing near the bottom of the table with only 11% - but even so the future is looking better for web browsing.