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29 Mar 2006

The New Dinosaurs

Many years ago when I was a poor struggling student[1] a friend had a set of beautiful books by British dinosaur author Dougal Dixon. They had beautiful illustrations and were all grounded in good evolutionary biology.

Time passes...

When talking to a friend in the village, I commented about a dinosaur notebook she was using. She reminded me she was a retired geologist/geographer, so dinosaurs were in her area. I then mentioned the fascinating books I'd read as a student, to which she said "that's my brother-in-law"[2].

Today when I got home today, waiting for me was a copy of "The New Dinosaurs: An alternative Evolution". The book is as I remember, but for one snag, it's the Japanese edition!

  1. I'm still poor and struggling, only less so.
  2. Or some other close relative.