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It's Not Magic, It's Work!

04 Apr 2006

MS J-Script

For strange reasons we use a Microsoft J-Script to transform some XML files at work, so that we can feed a label printer with data. I don't know what Microsoft did, but it went from needing restarting once or twice per day to needing a restart once or twice per hour. It's been running like this for two weeks, and it got really annoying.

I've now written a Perl script that does everything the J-Script did, only it now has error handling, logic checks, debugging, and full logging. It's about half the size of the J-Script, and isn't riddled with magic numbers and business logic.

I'll do some testing this week, then replace it when we are happy. We'll run the new script on an existing Linux server, and then be able to decommission the antique Windows server that the J-Script was running on too.