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01 May 2006

Rhubarb and Orange Marmalade

Today it was the French style jam recipe. By the time I'd finished I had decided it's really a marmalade rather than a plain jam.

  • 1Kg diced rhubarb
  • ½Kg oranges (approx. 4)
  • 1½Kg sugar
  • 250ml water
  • the juice of one lemon

As before soak the chopped rhubarb overnight with an equal weight of sugar and the juice of the lemon. Make a syrup from the water and the remaining sugar. Wash the oranges, and slice them whole very fine (no more than 3mm think) - you will need a very sharp knife. Put the sliced oranges in the syrup and heat until the orange peel starts to go translucent.

Add the sugar/rhubarb and lemon juice mixture to the oranges, and bring to a boil in a jam pan. Continue to boil until it reaches the jamming point. Makes 6x370g pots. Allow it to stand for a week to reach full flavour after bottling before eating.

It's very marmalade like, so I may next time reduce the amount of orange to make a stronger rhubarb flavour.