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11 May 2006

DHTML Woes...

After struggling for a while to fix a DHTML bug a co-blogger suggested I try out Joe Hewitt's FireBug to help see what is going on in Firefox. I've long used Chris Pederick's Web Developer Extension for developing web pages but it's only partially helpful for debugging. Now I have both installed, Firefox is a really fantastic developer/debugging tool for DHTML.

After getting things to work in Firefox, I then tested in Opera and Konqueror, where it works too. Naturally IE doesn't get it right, so a quick Google search produced a nice solution - it's yet another well known IE defect. Trying to debug in IE is as bad as trying to develop with IE - not worth the effort. It's normally quicker to write to the standard, test on Firefox, Opera and Konqueror/Safari and finally test on IE. When it doesn't work on IE, a Google search for the well known defect in IE is normally all you need to do.