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04 Jun 2006

All fiXed

I decided there wasn't much to break, so using dpkg I forcibly removed lots of conflicting packages. I then manually downloaded new ones, one at a time, installing them with dpkg. I manually resolved the conflicts, one at a time, and after a few were installed the hard way, aptitude was able to pull down the rest automatically.

In the process I wrecked my nvidia GLX settings. I fell back to the open source nv driver, which is okay for 2D, but useless for 3D. A few minutes to download the latest nvidia package, and module assistant fixed everything up for me. snafu...

Today I tried to upgrade my Debian "Etch" box. The upgrade fell over in a heap, and now X doesn't work. Thankfully the rest of the system is okay, only now apt-get/aptitude doesn't know how to fix it. Ho hum, the life of a tester is often fraught with difficulties, but I suppose I put up with them so that my better half doesn't have to!