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It's Not Magic, It's Work!

25 Jun 2006


Yesterday for dinner we had friends over. They have recently returned from a holiday in Brittany. While there they didn't have any galette or crêpes, which we thought was like going to Yorkshire and not eating at least one Yorkshire pudding.

Yesterday we had traditional Breton galette, with very nice Hampshire apple juice to drink, and for desert I made my fancy apple crêpes dessert with Breton Cider to drink.

First you peel a nice apple, I used traditional English Bramley's but they wouldn't be used in Brittany. You core the apple and thickly slice into rings. You then fry the rings in butter and good cider, you want them to be soft, but not mushy. Place your fried apple rings in the centre of your fresh crêpes, and fold to make a square parcel. Sprinkle on flaked almonds and grill until the almonds start to toast and the top of the crêpes starts to go crisp. Remove from the grill and add a scoop of apple sorbet (I used nice plain ice-cream last night) and a spoon of apple/pommeau jelly, serve while still hot and before the ice cream or sorbet has a chance to melt. My apple jelly didn't have any pommeau in, so I added a dash of calvados to it.