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23 Jul 2006

Red Currant Jelly (2)

Last year I made redcurrant jelly. It was so good that we made it again this year.

Again we went to the PYO farm, and we collected just under 4Kg of fruit. Yesterday we boiled up about 3Kg if fruit and extracted about 2Kg of currant juice. As before you add sugar in a ratio of 1:1 with the juice and boil to the jamming point, potting before it sets. This year 2Kg of juice made enough jelly to fill 10x370g jars, plus three tiny 15g "taster jars".

Red currants are fairly productive plants that are easy to pick, always seem to be free of disease & pests and the fruit travels well. In the UK though, no one ever seems to want to eat the fruit, and I can't give the jelly away. People here seem to be obsessed with strawberries (Fragaria), which are normally flavourless, a nuisance to pick, and don't travel well...