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18 Aug 2006

Pebbles II

Today when I got home I had a letter from the cereal maker apologising for the small pebble I found recently in a box of their normally very yummy breakfast cereals. They offered a small cash "token of goodwill" and a sample packet of their cereals.

I doubt they will have tracked the source of the pebble down, but they did reply and they were both prompt and polite. They took the issue seriously, and the cash token more than made up for the inconvenience of biting a piece of Dorset.

If only other companies were as quick and efficient. In cases like this it's easier to apologise, offer up a token and move on rather than try and argue - South West Trains are you listening? The last dispute I had with SWT must have cost them an awful lot of money in staff time, all I wanted was an apology.

14 Aug 2006

Not Windows ...!

A colleague decided to put Debian GNU/Linux onto an old PC to give away to a family member rather than spend hours fighting to get Windows onto it. It's much easier to install than Windows, runs faster than Windows and is much easier to support than Windows.

The recipient was somewhat upset and even though she knows nothing about computers seems adamant that she will install Windows her self, just so she can run MSN Messenger. Installing Windows will take her hours, it's technically a breach of contract (it's OEM Windows and non transferable), and in doing so my colleague will withdraw all support for the PC - he can't/wont support Windows.

My step-father runs Debian Sarge and has basically no problems. I can remotely update his computer and fix any problems he may have. My father runs Windows, I can't offer any real help, and he has a constant dribble of technical problems. While I believe that Linux is less trouble than Windows to start with, it's also a damn sight easier to maintain and support at a distance.

10 Aug 2006

FDF in Wikipedia!

I've made into Wikipedia. In the Unix command line section for the fdupes tool my fdf script is listed as an alternative. Cool. It's not quite like being slashdotted, in fact it appears to have lead to one hit so far since someone added the link a few days ago, but it's a start.

09 Aug 2006


I've gone down with a cold again... No fun.

07 Aug 2006

Pebbles in Cereals

On Saturday I was in Southampton at my local LUG meeting. Being in town I took the opportunity to pop into Waitrose and buy a few provisions that my more local Sainsbury's and ASDA don't stock.

One thing Waitrose carry is a wide range of dorset cereals breakfast muesli. On Sunday I had a nibble only to find a piece of stone in with the flame raisins and berries... I've sent in a complaint, but so far nothing much has come back.

06 Aug 2006

The Kingdom of Nouns

I read this: Execution in the Kingdom of Nouns. It seems to have got some people hot under the collar. I don't hate Java, but on reading this piece and others you can see that all is not rosy in the Java Kingdom.

03 Aug 2006

Finding Duplicate Files #3

I've almost completed my find duplicate files script. To celebrate I've created a small web page to allow people easy access to it: Find Duplicated Files

If all goes well, I'll release the first version tomorrow on an unsuspecting world.