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14 Aug 2006

Not Windows ...!

A colleague decided to put Debian GNU/Linux onto an old PC to give away to a family member rather than spend hours fighting to get Windows onto it. It's much easier to install than Windows, runs faster than Windows and is much easier to support than Windows.

The recipient was somewhat upset and even though she knows nothing about computers seems adamant that she will install Windows her self, just so she can run MSN Messenger. Installing Windows will take her hours, it's technically a breach of contract (it's OEM Windows and non transferable), and in doing so my colleague will withdraw all support for the PC - he can't/wont support Windows.

My step-father runs Debian Sarge and has basically no problems. I can remotely update his computer and fix any problems he may have. My father runs Windows, I can't offer any real help, and he has a constant dribble of technical problems. While I believe that Linux is less trouble than Windows to start with, it's also a damn sight easier to maintain and support at a distance.