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11 Sep 2006

Summer Holiday '06

I just came back from my summer holiday in Brittany. As I didn't take any Internet connected device with me, these holiday entries are retrospective.

Day 00

We drove to Plymouth via the A303/A30. This road combination can only have been designed by an evil genius. It alternates between modern dual-carriage-ways, antique dual-carriage-ways and narrow twisty country lanes. The road is very heavily loaded with slow farm traffic, local and strategic traffic and an enormous number of slow moving car-caravan combinations.

We took the Brittany Ferries Pont L'Abbé ferry to Rosko (Roscoff). Unlike the rest of the fleet the Pont L'Abbé, is an antique second hand ferry and no way near as nice as the rest of the fleet. As a result we arrived partially rested and slightly stirred...

Day 01

We drove to our first campsite via the well built and maintained French road system. The first campsite suggested we go to our alternate site, because of a nearby fair ground, so we switched to our alternate. We pitched the tent and then went foraging for food.