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17 Sep 2006

Summer Holiday '06

Day 06

Packed up the tent, strapped the bikes on the car and drove to Pont L'Abbeé. Finding the campsite took a while as put it in the totally wrong place. Anyhow after some messing about we found it by accident, as it was the end of the season we were pretty much the only people there. The site has a huge chestnut tree which is just visible on In you ever want need a campsite in that part of the world Camping Les Châtaigniers is worth checking.

Day 07

We started the day by walking into town to hunt for a hotel for visiting relatives. In the afternoon we cycled to Sainte-Marine to check out the hotels there.

Day 08

Though it started nice, in the afternoon poured with rain. It was predicted, so instead of cycling to Quimper we went in the car. The city is very pretty, it has a wonkey cathedral with a 5% bend in the middle. After going about town we stopped off at Carrefour, the Armor-Lux factory shop and Decathlon on the way home.

Bandwidth Thieves

Some little twerps are stealing my bandwidth. One is some "kewel" French teenager on MySpace and the other is some Italian phpBB web site. They will be punished, I've just not decided what to do yet.