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It's Not Magic, It's Work!

19 Sep 2006

Saving Money...

To please Wall Street our CFO has promised to cut back on spending and save the investors money. As a result, budgets have been trimmed and superfluous expenditure has been curtailed.

All the spending cuts have eaten into capital budgets and all sorts of projects are running on thin-air. Our share price has been lacklustre, so all these cuts make sense, even if they are making doing the day to day job harder.

Today we were all given a set of A5 notepads that had our own names printed on every page - in case we forget what we are called? I don't use note paper, I keep important notes in a book until they are transfered to a wiki or formal documentation, and all my scratch notes go onto the back of used A4 paper - the pile of which seems to forever grow larger. This must be some new meaning of saving money that I'm not familiar with.

Summer Holiday '06

Day 09

On a Sunday pretty much everything is closed, so we didn't do any shopping or touristy thing today. We decided to go and see a Pardon. It was a long bike ride through some very strange dry mist to this small village on the edge of the sea. When we got there, no one was in traditional Breton clothing, and it was very religious and boring so we left.

We tried to buy a crÍpe in the village, but the service was so poor we left before placing our order. We cycled home in the failing light and had dinner in the tent instead.