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24 Sep 2006

More Damson Jam/Jelly

Making damson jelly is much easier than making jam. It's also pitiful yield - you throw away a lot of fruit pulp. Damsons also have an lot of pectin in them, so don't do what I did and boil them too long, or it sets like concrete. 1 Kg of juice and 1 kg of sugar filled 3.5x390g jam jars.

This afternoon we went to a friends and picked a 2.5 kg of Bramley apples. I washed the last 2 kg of damsons and added 1 kg of semi-cleaned apples (including cores and skin but not any rotten bits). I put both fruits into a pan and boiled with 1 l of water to a mushy pulp. I then coarsely filtered out the skin, core and seeds, and put the pulp back into the (cleaned) jam pan. To the 2 kg of pulp I added 2 kg of sugar and boiled up to the setting point. This almost filled 10x390 g jam jars.

Of the three methods stoning damsons is labour intensive, but it's a nice jam. Making jelly is easier but you waste a lot of pulp. The middle method of making a pulp and then filtering out the coarse bulk gives you better yields than a jelly alone and but it's obviously not as clear as a true jelly.