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27 Sep 2006

Summer Holiday '06

Day 10

Today we cycled to Penmarc'h. On the tip of the coast there is a most impressive and beautiful lighthouse - Phare d'Eckmühl. The location isn't as impressive as many of the British lighthouses, it's just at the edge of town, but architecturally it's very impressive. You can see it clearly from Google Maps.

Day 11

Today we cycled to the Ile-Tudy, which isn't an island any more. Didn't do much else, spent a a few hours on a very big, pretty and mostly empty beach watching the world go by. In the evening, family came to visit and we went out for dinner in Pont-l'Abbé.

Day 12

No bike today! We drove to the fishing port of Guilvinec. It's a very busy and active place, with a fancy fish market that has a very good visitors centre and if you time it right, guided visits.

Home Server

Next year I may eventually break down and buy a new home server. The current antique Compaq is starting to feel a little slow at building web pages and it didn't have enough disk space to start with.

The next version of Debian will be out by then, so installing "Etch" on it will be good timing. Apparently the Vista debacle will mean a lot of cheap hardware after the Xmas season - which is predicted to be a buyers market, and things will only get better for buyers in the new year.