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It's Not Magic, It's Work!

28 Sep 2006

Microsoft Exchange

I don't like Microsoft products. In my humble opinion most of them are over priced, most of them are buggy, and most of them are unreliable or positively dangerous. I don't believe that all Microsoft products have all these attributes, some of them aren't that bad in some respects, I'd happily buy a Microsoft mouse for example.

I reserve special hatred for Exchange/Outlook and Internet Explorer. I've already ranted at the pain and suffering caused by IE in the past, and as I no longer have to deal with it on a day to day basis anymore I don't care about it. I do have to work with Outlook/Exchange though, as this "product of Satan" is our corporate email standard.

Recently out Exchange server was "upgraded". This entailed replacing one over large Wintel PC, with an even larger one. The poor desktop people then had to log into each PC and manually rebuild the Outlook profiles. As a result we had several days of continuous email outage, and I have to use two computers now, as my normal PC wont send email, so I'm temporarily using a second to run Outlook until Microsoft can fix it...

For a multi-billion dollar corporation I find it sad and pathetic that our email is now so unreliable since the upgrade that third parties are now printing emails off and posting them via Royal Mail or fax to ensure that they arrive...