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11 Oct 2006

Eudora on Linux!

It looks like I may eventually get Eudora to run on Linux. However it's not quote what I expected. Apparently QUALCOMM have decided to base the next version of Eudora on Mozilla Thunderbird. Project Penelope will take Thunderbird and produce an enhanced "Eudoraised" version, that will merge the best bits of both products. The new Eudora will be fully open source.

Th cynic in me says that this is just QUALCOMM killing of Eudora. The optimist says that this is great, Eudora has always been my favourite graphical email client, and it can only improve Thunderbird - which while better than Outlook isn't that good really.

Ice Weasel

It's official Debian won't ship the next version of Debian GNU/Linux® with the Mozilla Foundation's Firefox™ browser. Instead they will ship their own compiled version called Ice Weasel. To all intents and purposes it will be Mozilla Firefox - it just will have a different logo and name.

It's sort of irritating and you could say it makes the open-source community and Debian and Mozilla in particular look petty. However, both parties are sticking to their principles, and the affair has ended with no nasty public arguments, it's all been perfectly civil.