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22 Oct 2006

The Dolphin File-Manager

In a Linux magazine I saw a review of Peter Penz's Dolphin, a small lightweight file-manager for KDE. It's much smaller and simpler than Konqueror. It's not yet available in Debian, so I downloaded it and tried to compiled it myself. I had to pull-in over 110 MiB of development libraries for C++, Qt and KDE, but it compiled okay, and runs fine. I asked aptitude to flush the unused libraries afterwards, and I've got my space back too.

As good as Konqueror is, it's a bit of a fat tool, and I don't use or need a full fat file-manager most of the time. I mostly use the command line to maintain my box and when I use a GUN I like things to be simple and obvious. Dolphin may be the tool for me - we shall see.