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28 Oct 2006

Pumpkin Marmalade

Today I made pumpkin marmalade. You take half a kilo of pumpkin, four washed oranges, two washed lemons, and four peeled carrots. Chop everything up and add three quarters of a kilo of sugar, allow it to stand overnight. Tip the mixture into a jam pan and heat to the jam point. It filled 4 pots. I'm not 100% convinced it was a great recipe.

I also made some scones. I had this sudden urge to make scones this afternoon. It's hard to get good scones down south, other than a friend who makes good ones, most of the ones I've had in the past few years have been rubbery and taste of raising agent. I made mine to a traditional northern recipe but added dried cranberries as well as sultanas. They came out very yummy.