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09 Nov 2006

First ABAP Program

Today I actually got round to writing my first ABAP program. Since having the ABAP training this July I've mostly made tiny changes to SAP Script (not ABAP at all), or even smaller changes to existing ABAP programs.

It's a good job I've actually done some ABAP if I had waited any longer I'd have forgotten what I had learnt.

Compared with a modern language like Perl, ABAP is extremely verbose and primitive. I really miss the syntactic sugar that I'm use to in Perl.

Fishing For a Perl Contractor

We need some one to do a small project at work. I could easily do it myself, but I don't have enough time to do it by when it's required. We advertised on a few days ago and the CVs are rolling in already. Tomorrow I have to start emailing people back to thank them, and sifting through the CVs.

A tip for perspective candidates, a sloppy CV in Microsoft Word format does not help. Preferred formats are raw text in-line in the email or PDF. For this job I think I should have asked for the CV to be submitted in Perl POD or xhtml.