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21 Nov 2006

New PC...

I've never had a new PC at work. My first PC was only weeks from being decommissioned, had I started a month later it may have gone to silicon-heaven. When it died suddenly a year or so later it was replaced with a marginally younger machine that was it's self due to be replaced.

When our Exchange system was upgraded this August I was unable to use my PC to send or receive email as the installed version of Microsoft Outlook was incompatible with the version of Microsoft Exchange we are using. They couldn't upgrade my PC because there wasn't enough disk space on it to install Outlook.

On Friday my new PC arrived. I've spent the last two days gradually installing all the essential software that's not included in Windows XP: Cygwin, Putty, Firefox, XML Spy, Opera, Programmer's File Editor, Zinf, VNC etc etc. My next challenge is to turn off all the cruft that comes with XP, and make it usable. It's a very disruptive process making a desktop system usable and not helped my Microsoft's poor choice of defaults.

Compared with setting up a KDE desktop, XP is painful and primitive in the extreme. I suppose I mustn't grumble, I've got a new PC - which is reasonably fast even considering how slow XP makes everything and I'll get to avoid Windows Vista for a while.