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03 Dec 2006

Debian GNU/Solaris...?

I have this hunch that once Sun can licence their Solaris Kernel in a compatible way there will evolve a Debian GNU/Solaris distribution. I also think that Sun may have enough of a clue to merge their OpenSolaris into Debian GNU/Solaris as a nice way to let someone else to the heavy work of packaging it all up, and the Sun can just act as the upstream providers of the kernel and a few bits and bobs and at the same time act as a downstream packager of official Sun Solaris not unlike ubuntu today.

  • Sun have give Debian kit recently.
  • No body owns Debian, so Sun can't have the rug ripped from under neath them.
  • Debian's deb/apt system is second to none, it's free so Sun may as well use it.
  • Debian has a very good reputation and vast package selection.
  • Debian already supports multiple kernels: BSD; Hurd and Linux.
  • Ubuntu et al. all seem to be doing well by building on top of Debian.