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09 Dec 2006

Firefox On The Up

This week two articles have shown impressive growth in the Mozilla Foundation's Firefox browser's market share.

In the first report based on visitors of the German news site SpiegelOnline, Firefox has overtaken IE at the weekend (home users), and even during the week (work place use) IE only has a 10% lead over Firefox - and Firefox is growing.

This report also suggests that Firefox 2 has taken off well, but there has been little adoption of IE7. Mac usage has gone up and now accounts for over 8% of weekend use, and 6% weekday. Linux has gone from 0% two years ago to over 2% now (weekdays and weekend).

The second report based on French meta-analysis company Xiti Monitor, shows continued growth of Firefox at IE's expense across the whole of Europe. There is quite a bit of variation across Europe, with some countries tipping in at over 40% Firefox and some scraping the barrel at only 15%. Overall European Firefox use is at around 23% comparable to Australasia, and 10% more than the Americans.