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13 Dec 2006

Windows is...

Except at work where I am forced to use Windows XP, I don't touch Microsoft Windows anymore. My home systems all run Debian GNU/Linux as do my family systems that I am responsible for. On my way into work this morning I was thinking of why I don't use Windows anymore.

  1. Debian is easier to use than Windows
  2. Debian is much cheaper than Windows
  3. Debian is much more secure than Windows
  4. Debian has more useful software than Windows and it's easier to install

When you think about this list it is a very similar list to what Windows users say when someone suggests they upgrade to Linux, except their list is inverted (except the security - even Windows users know that Windows is insecure).

I do not think I could ever go back to using Windows now, which is interesting considering that I used Windows before Linux and for a longer time span.