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It's Not Magic, It's Work!

15 Dec 2006


A friend asked me to help him set up his mother-in-laws computer so she could read email. I often help friends and family for free but I refuse to touch stolen software and I encourage the use of open source software whenever practical.

Today's question was how to set up Microsoft Outlook. I said quite honestly that I could not recommend it in any shape or form and more importantly I have never actually set it up, and only use it at work because I am forced to.

I now feel guilty for not helping, he did not want to install anything else - which I would have offered to help with. He feels that he must use Microsoft Outlook as it came with that from Dell and as everyone uses it, it must be the best? He trusts me enough to ask for my advice but not enough to actually follow through.

I would happily give him The OpenCD but I know that would not help either... By not helping I have driven him deeper into Microsoft's tar pit, but he really does not want to be helped out, which I feel bad about as he is a nice chap.