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16 Dec 2006

Adding Insult to Injury

The arse-wipe train company has sent me a booking confirmation as a HTML only email, no text alternative. It's so spam like that it was automatically routed into the spam folder, from which I rescued it only to discover that it's unreadable junk. When the revolution comes middle-managers and marketing droids will be the first against the wall, along with estate agents and recruitment agents.

Banks Have No Clue About Security

I've just bough some travel tickets on-line. The card processing company now have this stupid scheme to "protect" you, for which your are forced to register and hand over yet more pointless details. You are forced to provide a password and they make up your username.

As usual I made up a strong password made up of letters, punctuation marks and numbers. As usual they only accept letters and numbers and have an absurdly small limit of password length. Yet again stupid behaviour by a bank makes their system both more bureaucratic and less secure. When will these people "get a clue"...